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 Special Operations Company
PortraitNameGame↓PositionRankMain Member
AerenAerenMass Effect 3Company CommanderMajor (MAJ)
Tadik(None)Team LeaderCaptain (CPT)
Saidee(None)Team LeaderStaff Sergeant (SSG)
Gilgamoth(None)Senior Guild MemberLieutenant (LT)
MioelMioel(None)Senior Guild MemberLieutenant (LT)
Ryiah(None)Senior Guild MemberLieutenant (LT)
Cooter(None)Senior Guild MemberSergeant First Class (SFC)
Taeo(None)Senior Guild MemberSergeant First Class (SFC)
BroncoRustSenior Guild MemberStaff Sergeant (SSG)
Milua TajNeverwinter Nights 2Senior Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Angel Lightbringer(None)Guild MemberStaff Sergeant (SSG)
Freaden(None)Guild MemberStaff Sergeant (SSG)
Anon(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
apocboss(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Astanasa(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Baal Zabul(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
blakegaroutteRustGuild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Deathservice(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
dj dominato(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
EliteDevilEliteDevil(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
FadingXShadow(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
HamboneGamingRustGuild MemberSergeant (SGT)
joe connor(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Kontra(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
KrraussMass Effect 3Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
LeDaviren Demise(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Leshok Majere(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
lithie(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
lolondar(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
lolzycat(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
MAKMAK(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
MattRustGuild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Melsher(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Mstislav Broskivic(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
MurdocmanMurdocman(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Nemesis(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Nexari(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Nightmare(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
No NameRustGuild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Oplitis(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
OricardRole-Play StorytellingGuild MemberSergeant (SGT)
RavenMae(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Stevenwight(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
StevieandLeo7 Days to DieGuild MemberSergeant (SGT)
ThisperThisper(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
TrussinSwainCabildoTrussinSwainCabildo(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
turlough dominian(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Vaas Sinclair(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
Zyak(None)Guild MemberSergeant (SGT)
A Way into the Future.
This is a Company for all types of games that the Watchers may play together. This can be for any game on any system type. The idea is to give us a place to meet on the Watch forums and a way to schedule events and gauge interest in a different way. The only criteria for a game in this company is that someone suggests it in the forums.