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Frequently Asked Questions
Q What if I can't remember my username or password?

Try using the forgotten password form. If you can't remember your login name, you can request your password by entering your character name instead. Simply select the correct option in the drop-down box. You must have set up an email address for this to work.

Q What is my email address used for?

If you are a member, your email address (as provided in your profile) is used to send notices and for password retrieval if you forget your password. Furthermore, when people use the "Send Message" link on your profile, the resulting message is sent to your email address (but the sender does not see the email address that he is sending to). Only officers can see your email address.

If you don't wish to supply an email address, you may leave the field blank. You will not be able to retrieve your password without an email address, however.

Q Why is my time zone set to something strange?

In your profile, if you have your Time Zone set to "Auto-Detect" then the roster will attempt to use JavaScript to guess your time zone. However, depending on your system, this may or may not work correctly. (Keep in mind that Daylight Saving Time (DST) may mean your time zone has shifted by an hour or half an hour during certain times of the year.)

If the auto-detect does not work, you can manually set your time zone. If you do this, however, keep in mind you must manually toggle the DST setting yourself whenever DST changes in your region (usually this is twice a year, in spring and in the fall). Otherwise, the roster will continue to use the old time zone setting which will result in your setting being an hour or half hour off.

Q What if I'm concerned about privacy?

First of all, you can preview how others can see your profile by using the "Preview" button at the top of your profile. Furthermore, when you are editing your profile (or if you are on the application page), hover your mouse cursor over edit boxes to see a description of that entry and how it is used.

In general, most information is not visible to the public. In particular:

  • Your username is visible only to officers. Your password is encrypted and is not accessible by anyone; this is why we cannot retrieve your password for you.
  • Your email address is visible only to officers. Even regular members cannot see your email address. (But they can use a "Send Message" link to send a private message to you through the roster.)
  • Your birthday is visible to members only, and is optional in any event.
Q What do I do if I'm a member but I can't log into the forums?

The forums use your roster login name and password. In fact when you log in to the roster, you should be logged into the forums automatically.

If you are still experiencing problems with the forums, try the update page to see if that fixes the issue.

Q What if nothing here answers my question?

If you have an issue not answered here, try using the contact form to get in touch with an officer who may be able to help.