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he Royal Black Watch is a multi-game guild that focuses on fun, casual gaming. We stress maturity, loyalty, and above all else, enjoyment of our online experiences together. Our philosophy is simple: We play games for entertainment—an escape from our everyday stress—not as an additional source.

We play mostly MMORPGs, but any online game is a candidate for support by the Watch. We play both fantasy/medieval and modern/futuristic games. We also have a roleplay board in our forums.

The Royal Black Watch is divided into companies which organize our structure by game.

Our Oath
I am a member of The Royal Black Watch
As such I shall conduct myself at all times in a manner befitting nobility
I shall shun the base pursuits of gluttony and greed
I shall exhibit chivalry and honor, and above all shall serve the truth.
All are kin, the Watch is proud:
Hands are clasped, we stand avowed.
Steel shatters, blood may flow;
Still our hearts and minds will grow.
We claim no bond apart from good,
United in a brotherhood.
Stand against the foe's attack!
We the Watchers, Royal Black.
Upcoming Events
Name:  New Dawn Initiative - Uncharted Space (Armada)
Date:  October 22, 2016
Time:  4:00pm EST (-0500)
(3 hours, 14 minutes from now.)
Game:  Star Trek Online
Description:  Armada hosted event. HOSTED BY BRITSURFER STAR TREK ONLINE - PVE EVENT The Iconian War is over, but the old enemies are resurfacing, the Borg, The Undine and recently we had incursions from the Mirror Universe. I am looking for some of the bes[...]

Name:  Guild-wide Meeting
Date:  October 22, 2016
Time:  5:30pm EST (-0500)
(4 hours, 44 minutes from now.)
Description:  6:30pm eastern

Name:  STF Sunday (Armada)
Date:  October 23, 2016
Time:  12:00pm EST (-0500)
(23 hours, 14 minutes from now.)
Company:  Star Trek Online Squad
Game:  Star Trek Online
Description:  A great day to get STFs done if you couldn't make it on the Wednesday or just want to get additional Marks. If you're new to STFs, you will get the chance to learn them with ESF members and fleet mates. Please also remember that TeamSpeak would be us[...]

Name:  Officers' Call
Date:  October 23, 2016
Time:  1:00pm EST (-0500)
(1 day, 14 minutes from now.)
Description:  2:00pm eastern ALL officers encouraged to attend. Commanders' Call to follow (Connor says "it should be a pretty brief one".)

Name:  Neverwinter - Watch Patrol
Date:  October 23, 2016
Time:  7:00pm EST (-0500)
(1 day, 6 hours, 14 minutes from now.)
Game:  Neverwinter
Description:  ........wherein the Watch goes forth together to free damsels in distress, whip Red Thay wizards, banish bandits, slay dragons, and generally save the world yet again! Lvls 4-70, we'll group up according to adventures and levels present. Meet in [...]

Name:  Destiny - Weekly Reset
Date:  October 25, 2016
Time:  4:00am EST (-0500)
(2 days, 15 hours, 14 minutes from now.)
Company:  C Company
Game:  Destiny
Description:  It's that time again Destiny Lovers! The Weekly Reset is upon us. Time to get working on the new Weekly Strikes, Prison of Elders, Raids, and accumulating all of this weeks goodies! Have fun Watchers!

Name:  Padawan Training
Date:  October 25, 2016
Time:  6:00pm EST (-0500)
(3 days, 5 hours, 14 minutes from now.)
Company:  F Company
Game:  Star Wars: The Old Republic
Description:  Connor and Kianne group. Switching between Imperial and Republic. Room for two more. Anyone level appropriate is welcomed to join (or form your own padawan training group). 7pm eastern