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Officers' Meeting
Event Name: Officers' Meeting
Date: November 8, 2019
Time: 8:00pm
Current time zone is: EST -0500 (Eastern - US/Canada)
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This event has passed.
Duration: 1 hour
Frequency: Single Event
Group: Active Guild Members
Game: (None)
Organizer: Lili Birchflower
Sign-Ups: (None)
  • Public
8pm eastern / 5pm Pacific / o'dark-thirty at Sorahl's house.

Officers, whether in-game positional or rank, welcome. This meeting is open to all officers to participate regardless of position. Members are welcome to listen in and personnel who wish to become an officer are encouraged to come out. Please send a message to Connor or Lili if you cannot see the room and we will move you into it for the meeting.