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Kianne Cassidy
Master Elementalist (Knight of the Dove)
Company: HQ Company
Position: Website Administrator
Rank: Colonel (COL)
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Game: (None)
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Date Joined: Thursday, April 20, 2000
Date Of Rank: Sunday, October 25, 2015

Kianne's multiverse travels began when she was taken from her birth home of the planet Earth to the world of Britannia through a strange course of events that involved the discovery of a mysterious circle of stones, a glowing gateway, and a gypsy's wagon. From there she traveled to and from Britannia several times, completing several quests and fighting many battles, before other events were set into motion.

The incident with the Black Gate sent her careening to an entirely different planet, and began her true wandering of the multiverse. After some time exploring another world and learning from many different schools of thought about magic, swordsplay, archery, and other skills, Ki found herself once again on Britannia, but it wasn't the one she'd left so long ago. There were many simularities, but everything so different, and no one here recognized nor remembered her. As she wandered this familiar yet strangely foreign land, mourning over the loss of the places and people she'd grown to love on her Britannia, she came across Connor, then Lord of the Rangers in LOK. This set into course events which carried her through LOK and finally to RBW.

While she was still in LOK, Kianne made the discovery that she was in fact immortal, her growth frozen at 24, her body to never physically age further or become decrepit. This discovery of her agelessness caused her to eventually leave LOK that she loved and join RBW as a new person, traveling through the years and the ages with other immortals found there. Through these travels she has been to worlds with technology even more advanced than that found on her homeworld of Earth, and done everything from fight hand-to-hand with swords to commanding starships.

Although she is mostly open and friendly, there is much about Ki's past that is unknown. Such as, if she really is a normal Earth human, why is it she can harnass the Elements so fiercely, with an inner power that causes even her eyes to change colors while employing her magics? Some wonder if "Kianne" is truly her real name...