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Group: Allied Guild Representatives
Position: Allied Guild Master
Rank: Captain (CPT)
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Role: Not On Game Roster
Main Game: Lord of the Rings Online
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Class: Hunter
Level: 50
Server: (Gladden)
Sponsored: This member has sponsored 0 other members.
Date Joined: Sunday, July 13, 2008
Date of Rank: Saturday, September 6, 2008
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Lord of the Rings Online
Allied Guild RepresentativesThis is a company designed for allied guilds who place representatives in the Watch to enhance communication between us all. This will be done as new alliances are formed, and they are not members of the guild, per se, but instead enjoy diplomatic status.
Allied Guild MasterA guild is a Guild Master with whom we have coordinated an alliance in a specific game.
Captain (CPT)Captain is the rank of some senior Company Commanders and many headquarter staff positions. They are the front line officers, generally leading out where they get the most visibility. A Captain in good standing may be promoted to Major 24 months after their date of rank. At the Regiment Commander's discretion time may be extended or shortened in this rank due to merit.
[4th]4th Membership AwardAWARD: 4th Membership Award
DESCRIPTION: This is a regimental medal, awarded for four years of membership in the Royal Black Watch.
AWARD AUTHORITY: RCO, DCO and Wardens, Adjutant, PAC Officer.
JUSTIFICATION: Verification by issuing officer based on the member's roster join date.