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Forgotten Password

Using this form will generate a key that will allow you to change your password, which will be mailed to the email address on your profile (assuming you filled it in). Note that because it is not possible to retrieve passwords once they are stored, this process will require you to select a new password.

If you never filled in an email address to your profile, or the email address is incorrect or cannot receive mail, or if you can no longer access the email account that is on your profile, you cannot use this form. You would need to contact an officer.

Don't remember your login name?

You can request your password by character name. Find your profile on the roster (you might find it easier to search by group) and copy the full name as it is displayed there. Then select "Character Name" as the request method below, and paste your character's name into the box. Note that you can only request a password in this manner once per week, to cut down on abuse.

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