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Order of Knighthood

The Knights of the Watch are members who have been selected based upon their significant contributions to the Royal Black Watch. These members are experienced members who have served at least five years and, for two of those years, been a serving officer of senior rank. A Knight is expected to always lend a hand and, by the very essence of their appointment, to be that one person who always says "I will." Knights are separated into groups based upon their specific skill set; however, every Knight is a consummate warrior, diplomat or administrator with a positive influence that any officer, member or ally is glad to have at their side.

Nominations for Knights are due by the last calendar day of September.

Knight of the Star - The Knight of the Star is the highest lifetime honor that the Royal Black Watch can be bestow upon its members. To become one of the 50 Knights of the Star means that this member's entire tenure in the RBW has been filled with many instances of advancing the Guild in every conceivable way through their actions. At no time has this member conducted themselves in any manner other than that which would befit both nobility and honor. The Knight of the Star includes all the other aspects of the Order as this is the culmination of the three branches melding into one. The Knights of the Star meet at least once a quarter and provide guidance to the RBW in the form of policy changes and procedures to benefit the Guild. Though they do not wield command influence, the Knight of the Star's opinion should be highly regarded by all. This honor is awarded from within the Order of Knights.
Knight of the Dove - This is a lifetime honor given to the members of the Watch who devote themselves to the peace and unity of the Royal Black Watch. These members are the voices of stability in all actions, and usually this order is propagated by the members of the Watch who are adept at administrative tasks - artists, staff officers, and leaders who etch their very essence into their production for all history to pass judgment upon. A Knight of the Dove will be renowned as their work will be reviewed by the hardiest soldiers and philosophers throughout the annals of time.
Knight of the Sword - The Order of the Sword honors those warriors who shown repeated bravery and adherence to the tenants of the Royal Black Watch while in combat. These Knights are known for their ability with blade, sword and all the weapons that the Watch may wield, their martial prowess unmatched. These Knights lead warriors in combat and bring them out again, whole and more experienced. A Knight of the Sword should be respected and adhered to during battles, raids and other martial aspects of the land in which they so readily trained.
Knight of the Candle - The Knight of the Candle is for administrators who significantly improve the bureaucracy of the Royal Black Watch or who expose corruption. The Knights of the Candle are charged with seeking those who attempt to subvert or disparage the Guild as a whole. The selection of a Knight of the Candle is an acknowledgment of the utmost trust as this Knight will come directly to the leader of the Guild with a complete investigation of any issue between the Royal Black Watch and any other Guild or Order. Consummate diplomats, the Knights of the Candle may often be the first face presented to a new Guild or Order.