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 Active Guild Members
PortraitNameGame↓PositionRankMain Member
Connor Altinus McleodConnor Altinus Mcleod(None)Regiment Commander (RCO)Colonel (COL)
SorahlSorahl(None)Deputy Regiment Commander (DCO)Colonel (COL)
MistinaMistinaNeverwinterWardenColonel (COL)
NyxmystNyxmyst(None)WardenCaptain (CPT)
SinfulSinfulWorld of WarshipsKeep LordLieutenant Colonel (Lt Col)
ZhennuZhennuWorld of WarshipsKeep LordLieutenant Colonel (Lt Col)
EridanweElder Scrolls OnlineKeep LordSecond Lieutenant (2LT)
DopameanDopameanNeverwinterHold MarshalCaptain (CPT)
TarjielNeverwinterHold MarshalLieutenant (LT)
ScyldaLord of the Rings OnlineOutpost MasterCaptain (CPT)
DshadowDestinyWay-station CaptainMajor (MAJ)
BrethraeusBrethraeusElder Scrolls OnlineCampfire ScoutCaptain (CPT)
ErillaErillaWorld of WarcraftRecruiterMajor (MAJ)
TashiaNeverwinterRecruiterSergeant First Class (SFC)
BriarwindBriarwindStar Wars: The Old RepublicRecruiterStaff Sergeant (SSG)
EvadanWorld of TanksRecruiterStaff Sergeant (SSG)
CritoriaWorld of WarcraftRecruiterSergeant (SGT)
BlazerTurkBlazerTurkWorld of WarcraftEvent CoordinatorLieutenant (LT)
bigreub1DestinyEvent CoordinatorStaff Sergeant (SSG)
S'noraaElder Scrolls OnlineEvent CoordinatorStaff Sergeant (SSG)
GathorinWorld of Warcraft ClassicEvent CoordinatorPrivate (PVT)
RawkillerRawkillerWorld of TanksGame Roster OfficerLieutenant (LT)
YocumYocumStar Trek OnlineGame Roster OfficerSecond Lieutenant (2LT)
Ji'kikoStar Wars: The Old RepublicGame Roster OfficerSergeant Major (SM)
WickedDragonWickedDragonNeverwinterGame Roster OfficerStaff Sergeant (SSG)
BarimanBarimanStar Trek OnlineBank OfficerMajor (MAJ)
Mar BoethiaElder Scrolls OnlineBank OfficerSergeant First Class (SFC)
ValyndraValyndra(None)Asset ManagerCaptain (CPT)
LadyMageLadyMageNeverwinterAsset ManagerSergeant Major (SM)
RaonaildElder Scrolls OnlinePVP OfficerStaff Sergeant (SSG)
Moordoom de DarkholdMoordoom de DarkholdMinecraftMinecraft Server AdminColonel (COL)
Ivan the MadIvan the MadStar Wars: The Old RepublicHonorary MemberMajor (MAJ)
Crose Darkmist(None)Honorary MemberCaptain (CPT)
IsaleighWorld of WarcraftHonorary MemberSecond Lieutenant (2LT)
Shoray GlassShoray Glass(None)Honorary MemberSergeant Major (SM)
Averyl Myc CynewulfAveryl Myc Cynewulf(None)Honorary MemberSergeant First Class (SFC)
Balinor(None)Honorary MemberSergeant First Class (SFC)
MethyiaMethyiaWorld of WarcraftHonorary MemberSergeant First Class (SFC)
Scrumptiously CrunchableScrumptiously CrunchableLord of the Rings OnlineHonorary MemberSergeant First Class (SFC)
Shadoswalker(None)Honorary MemberSergeant First Class (SFC)
Slugwyn(None)Honorary MemberSergeant First Class (SFC)
TalonnLord of the Rings OnlineHonorary MemberSergeant First Class (SFC)
Billy Bones(None)Honorary MemberStaff Sergeant (SSG)
Phaenon RaineyGuild Wars 2Honorary MemberStaff Sergeant (SSG)
Gilya of Rohan(None)Honorary MemberSergeant (SGT)
LilareWorld of WarcraftHonorary MemberSergeant (SGT)
Rickart RawenRickart RawenNeverwinterHonorary MemberSergeant (SGT)
ShadosfazeWorld of WarcraftHonorary MemberSergeant (SGT)
Speedy, Turtle Commander of the WatchLord of the Rings OnlineHonorary MemberSergeant (SGT)
VanmoriellWorld of WarcraftHonorary MemberSergeant (SGT)
To Serve and to Support
This is the main roster of the Watch listing all members who are active and do not have a special assignment.